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Casio Till Error Codes

Please browse this website for video tutorials on how to clear your particular casio till error message.

Some general Casio till error message videos are featured below along with a glossary of what the most common Casio till error messages actually mean.

Casio Till Error Messages -

E001 or E01 - Wrong Mode. This means you have turned the key to a different mode without completing or finalising the transaction you were in the middle of. The best way of correcting this Casio till error message is to turn the key back the the mode you wwere in and finalise the transaction.

E004 - Error INIT/FC. If this till error message appears when you are setting the machine up for the first time the till error message indicates that the procedure has not been completed correctly.

E008 or E08 - Please Sign On. This Casio till error message indicates that your cash register has the cashier system set up and that a transaction has been attempted without first signing on. To clear the error press C and then sign on in your usual fashion.

E035 - Change Amount Exceeds Limit. This means that the change amount calculated exceeds the limit programmed into this machine. If the change amount is low it could be that the tender button has been programmed with too low a HALO. Best resolution - speak to a Casio cash register engineer or your Casio cash dealer if you have a support package in place with them.


E001 Wrong Mode

E004 Error INIT/FC

E008 Error Please Sign On

E017 Enter CHK/TBL Number

E026 Enter Condiment Preperation PLU

E035 Change Amount Exceeds Limit

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